Adding the Windows Security shortcut to a 2012 server start menu

MS appear to have removed the Windows Security Shortcut from an RDP session so if you want to press CTRL+ALT+DEL you are stuck.  OK so not entirely true and before I get loads of comments about the shortcut CTRL+ALT+END this only works on the first RDP connection, by that I mean we like to use a “jump server” which is a terminal server and then we RDP to another server from there.  Using CTRL+ALT+DEL is intercepted by your local PC, CTRL+ALT+END is intercepted by the 1st RDP session in line and not at the one you really wanted.

On windows 2003 and 2008 there was a menu item added in an RDP session, Windows Security.  When you clicked this is was the same as clicking ATLR+ALT+DEL.

You can add this menu item back using this process.

  1. Logon to a windows 2003 and create a shortcut for the Windows Security start menu item to the desktop
  2.  Copy the shortcut to  “C:\ProgramData\Start Menu\programs\System Tools” on the 2012 server and rename it to “Windows Security.lnk”
  3.  Go to start / Apps, search for the shortcut and right click “Windows Security” and “pin to start”
  4. Copy the file from your profile “C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\appsFolder.itemdata-ms” to “C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\”
  5. Make the copied file read only in the default profile (important!!!)

Any new user will then get the start screen as you saved it including the “Windows Security”