My little place on the web where I can post all the little things I learn about Powershell, Active Roles Server and Identity management….. oh and my speciality Active Directory!

I like sharing information, don’t you?

I’m an Active Directory Engineer at a large hedge fund in the city and I look after their identity management solution for them.  After 31 years working at British Telecom they made me an offer I just could not refuse.   More money, less hours and responsibility what more could I ask for.  Plus I got to spend more time developing solutions rather than chasing faults all the time.    Don’t get me wrong faulting is a really good way to learn new stuff too and it certainly keeps you sharp but doing a purely design role allows you to experiment and develop your own ideas which is what really ‘bakes my noodle’ as the ‘Oracle’ might say.

I also like showing off my ideas and helping others to develop their own skills.  At one point in my career I taught at the North West Kent college and was a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Anyway this is supposed to be about me and not my actual blog! so I’ll stop here and post some of the things I’ve found out about PowerShell and Active Roles Server.

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