Using an XML file to store and retrieve settings

If you are unfamiliar with XML then I’d suggest a quick visit to this URL should cover everything you need to know before reading the example below.

You can use an XML file to store and retrieve information and as long as you know the structure you can easily locate and access the information like this: <xmlDocument>.<element>.<element>.setting – a code example should show you how to do this. You can even use where clauses etc. to extract multiple xml elements although I didn’t include any of these in my example- it’s pretty cool and I’ll try and write a few articles on using XML in your PowerShell scripts including storing password securely and creating them from within a script.

The example below has an element with an attribute and this is accessible too using the same methodology but I’d try not to use attributes in an XML doc if I were you – see the recommendation in this link.

<?xml version="1.0"?> 
  <EmailSettings available="TRUE"> 
# Given an example XML file shown above you can reference things 
# in the XML like this: 
[xml]$xmlFile = Get-Content c:\Temp\settings.txt

$smtpServer = $xmlFile.settings.emailsettings.smtpserver
$smtpPort = $xmlFile.settings.emailsettings.SMTPPort
$DistributionList = $xmlFile.settings.emailsettings.MailTo
$attributeValue = $xmlFile.settings.emailsettings.available 
ForEach ( $member in $smtpServer ) {
 write-host "SMTP Server - $member "

if ( $smtpPort -is [system.array] ) {
 ForEach ( $member in $smtpPort ) {
  write-host "SMTP Port - $member "
else {
 write-host "SMTP Port - $smtpPort"


ForEach ( $member in $DistributionList ) {
 write-host " - $member "

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