Extracting Photos from AD

This post is actually about the ‘DontConvertValuesToFriendlyRepresentation’ switch on get-qaduser but I came across this because I was trying to extract the photos from AD so that’s how I ended naming the post Extracting Photos from AD as most people will probably be search for this and not the command line switch.

Getting the photo from AD is pretty simple but there are a couple of things to know. When you upload the photo to AD it’s converted from a jpeg to a array of bytes so you can’t just download it you have to convert it back. the Quest commandlets are helpful and covert lots of the raw data stored in AD into more readable formats. What this means is that sometimes the help is more of a hindrance because the value you wanted for the photo has been converted so then the byte conversion fails ‘[System.Io.File]::WriteAllBytes( $Filename,$photoAsBytes )’

There are two solutions to this. The first is to just access the directory entry like this ‘$user.DirectoryEntry.thumbnailPhoto.Value’ and the second is to tell the commandlet not to convert the values by using the ‘DontConvertValuesToFriendlyRepresentation’ switch.

And as I was comparing the speed of the AD commandlets I extracted the thumbnailPhoto attribute using both the AD and Quest commandlets. The AD commandlets are faster but not by much as long as you use the ‘-DontUseDefaultIncludedProperties’ The quest commandlets pull down lots of attributes which is why it takes longer so when getting lots of AD objects it’s worth using this switch too.

$ldapFilter = "(&(employeeID=*)(sAMAccountType=805306368)(thumbnailPhoto=*)(!(|(userAccountControl:1.2.840.113556.1.4.803:=2))))"
$searchRoot = "OU=User Accounts,DC=MyADDomain,DC=com"
$useADCommandlets = $false 
$sizelimit = 0
$OutputPath = 'c:\Temp\Photos'
Function ConvertTo-Jpeg {
 param ($userName,$photoAsBytes,$path='c:\temp')
 if ( ! ( Test-Path $path ) ) { New-Item $path -ItemType Directory }
 [System.Io.File]::WriteAllBytes( $Filename,$photoAsBytes )

if ( $useADCommandlets ) {
 #Import-Module ActiveDirectory
 $Users = GET-ADUser -LDAPFilter $ldapFilter  -Properties thumbnailPhoto # | select -First $sizelimit # remove the select to get all users 
 ForEach ( $User in $Users ) {
  ConvertTo-Jpeg -userName $user.SamAccountName -photoAsBytes $user.thumbnailPhoto -path $OutputPath 
else {
 $Users = get-qaduser  -LdapFilter $ldapFilter -SearchRoot $searchRoot -DontUseDefaultIncludedProperties -DontConvertValuesToFriendlyRepresentation  -IncludedProperties thumbnailphoto -SizeLimit $sizelimit   # set sizelimit to 0 to get all users
 ForEach ( $User in $Users ) {
  #ConvertTo-Jpeg -userName $user.SamAccountName -photoAsBytes $user.DirectoryEntry.thumbnailPhoto.Value -path $OutputPath # if you didn't use the -DontConvertValuesToFriendlyRepresentation switch 
  ConvertTo-Jpeg -userName $user.SamAccountName -photoAsBytes $user.thumbnailPhoto -path $OutputPath

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