Updating ARS scheduled task parameters with LDAPFilters in

Further to my post on doing this ( https://clan8blog.wordpress.com/2017/03/16/automating-ars-scheduled-task-parameters/) I realised that I’d left out one little trick, or two in getting and updating the scheduled task parameters:

  • The task parameters always get returned as strings so you need to convert these on the fly like this

if ( $debugLevel -eq ” ) { $defaultUsed = $true ; $debugLevel = 9 } else { $debugLevel = [int]$debugLevel }

  • A task parameter isn’t multivalued so you need to store these as comma separated strings and then convert in the script

if ( $emailAlert -eq ” ) { $defaultUsed = $true ; $emailAlert = $scriptOwner } else { $emailAlert = $emailAlert.split(“,”) }

Now you have another problem if you are using my method to upload any missing parameters as you can’t upload the array you just created! The solution is to convert it back to a comma separated string of course:  ’emailAlert’ = $($emailAlert -join “,”)

  • LDAPfilters will contain ampersands so you can’t store these in the scheduled task parameters, well you can but as with the email address example above, you need to do some conversions when you upload like this:   Convert the AMPERSANDS to “&” like this  ‘ldapFilter’     = $ldapFilter.Replace(“&”,”&”) and then upload

The reverse conversion happens automatically so no need to do a conversion.

Hope this helps

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