Cool feature in Out-GridView

I came across this post the other day and was wowed by the new feature in powershell 3 – I say new, new to me as the post was in 2013.  It just goes to show when a new version of powershell comes out you should always search for posts on new features they added.

The post discusses the new out-gridview switches and specifically you can now pass information back to the calling command which means you can select stuff from the list and then do stuff with the returned rows.  This could save you literally hours of coding and might even make you look like a god when you write such cool code in seconds.  OK I may be going over the top a little there 🙂

If you have never used Out-GridView then now is a good time to check it out and run some of the examples in the post above.




2 thoughts on “Cool feature in Out-GridView

  1. You’re a god to us mortals anyway 🙂

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