Restoring the Windows Security button to a 2012 server

Previously I’d made notes on how to do this on a single server
Adding the Windows Security button to 2012

The problem is that this was per server so not really scalable.   No problem you should be able to use GPO.   Create a file share and just deliver the shortcut to all your servers.  But what about the appsFolder.itemdata-ms file.  Hmm try as I might I couldn’t get this to work.  So I came up with a work around.

I deliver the shortcut to a folder on all the servers and then create a shortcut and point the shortcut at the short cut.  Seems to work for me.

If you’d like me to post the full details of how I did this just let me know.  I’ll be posting about how to stop people accidently shutting down your server as happens way too often ( once is too often in any production environment ) and this also includes using this method for delivering a shortcut to a script.


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